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By Christina Rossetti.

The following has gained a place upon the Cloud foremost for its name, which is one of the finest titles for a poem I have ever come across, (I’m sure you’ll agree). Then, upon further inspection I feel it is worth some small applause, as twas written in 1893 – over a hundred years ago, and may well be the very first written examples of such clever-clogs, ‘aren’t I a proper smarty-pants- type’ lines. Educational too, for I did not know dimples were to be found in corn fields, and the title line is a new one on me also, and so has me smiling up here on the Cloud. (All the more-so because sonmi knows a few people who have pin-heads, and are bald too).

 A Pin Has A Head, But Has No Hair.

A pin has a head, but has no hair;
A clock has a face, but no mouth there;
Needles have eyes, but they cannot see;
A fly has a trunk without lock or key;
A timepiece may lose, but cannot win;
A corn-field dimples without a chin;
A hill has no leg, but has a foot;
A wine-glass a stem, but not a root;
A watch has hands, but no thumb or finger;
A boot has a tongue, but is no singer;
Rivers run, though they have no feet;
A saw has teeth, but it does not eat;
Ash-trees have keys, yet never a lock;
And baby crows, without being a cock.