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In celebration of today, that which is the 5th anniversary of Esme (as was Sonmi and others once upon a rhyme) and her Cloud’s presence in the sphere that is blog-shaped, I present a small poem (or ‘pome’ as those in the next universe bar one to left call them). Five shiny years, and four hundred and fifty followers as of today. Many may well be asleep or dead, but that matters not (the latter may argue, but you can’t have everything — that’s life). I thank one and all of you, and slow though movement may well be here at times, still Esme and her Cloud remain and shall continue to do so for aeons. –  * Coughs, bows, then steps forward to centre stage wearing her best tin-foil hat. *


The Clouds Will Always Be There

By Esmeralda Cloud

There’s something we have, that never can end,
The bond that is forged with a very dear friend.
There are times we must fly, there are times we must drift,
But always look back at those smiles as a gift.

And if when you travel, afar from these shores,
You catch sight of a Cloud that reminds you of yours,
Let your heart be warmed, let your soul fill with glee,
For I am those clouds and those clouds are all me.