9 thoughts on “Sonata Box”

  1. A very special thing.


  2. Far better to give it away than to trade it.


    • Yes, and, as it is someone I know well, I can see it again. Everyone’s a winner beams a smile.

      I’m having problems replying to comments tonight so if you don’t see them, it isn’t for trying tsk!

      • s.u.t.C


      • The ‘like’ buttons are being most uncooperative here tonight, yet it is better to say ‘thank you’ in any case.

        Your generosity is very beautiful Sonmi, and your friend is doubly fortunate. H ❤


        • I prefer making things for friends and gifting them than selling. I have always said that there is no such thing as altruism, for we gain so much ourselves when we make others happy.

          So it’s all just for myself really.

          Hahahaha, no, not really, but I do thing it true about altruism and that which we gain. There’s a huge difference between needing to have people like you, (agreeing with their every word etc), and enjoying lifting people up and making their world a little brighter, even if it is only for a few minutes. Being capable of creating as I do has meant I can often do just that by the simple act of sending an unexpected parcel. Everyone loves ‘good’ mail, especially parcels.

          I am reminded by that of the first poem I wrote and shared from the Cloud. It is not listed as the first, probably due to a later edit, bit it was number one –


          x – s.u.t.C


          • Your ‘like’ buttons are still not working today; so, once again, it is my pleasure to say ‘thank you’ for your lovely response. How true! – much putative altruism is so often one side of a balance sheet that either anticipates, or in some way immediately accounts for, a reckoning before too long. Yet what you describe is utterly unselfish – were you to be immodest enough to admit it – and is merely a beautiful, natural response to a beautiful act. Giving is something that touches me inwardly, and my throat constricts whenever I see or hear of it performed with a pure heart such as yours. H x


            • WordPress is so rubbish at times tsk. The stats are playing up again too.

              It’s a fine thing that people such as yourself view gifting, and generosity of spirit as I do H, though I’m not at all surprised in your case. ❤ I’m also a big fan of the ‘random acts of kindness’ policy towards strangers. Well chosen strangers not nuts. laughs. But seriously, if people would just realise that lifting others will have them leading a happier life, rather than trying to ‘find happiness’ by spending money, or being inherently selfish, the sooner they would find themselves…..content. smiles. Awareness and a multitude of other aspects fit the job too of course. And my heart is not so pure I can assure you laughs, but it is in a cleaner state than a lot of folks (as is yours), I’m sure. x

              • s.u.t.C


            • Living creatures are influenced through giving,
              Enemies lose hostility through giving,
              A stranger may become a loved one through giving,
              Vices are killed by giving.

              — Hindu proverb


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