I am of and on the cloud. Everything in the universe is so. Come with me if you wish. The cloud is sentient, please do not chew at its edges to see if it tastes of candy floss. It will turn thunderous and rain down in torrents upon your bonfire. This is a peaceful place to lounge and day-dream whilst floating in the ether, but darkness exists here too. One only knows how bright the sun is by experiencing the pitch blackness of the night.

At times I shall chronicle the fragments of that which is, was, and shall be perhaps, here, in this space, for they come to me at will, some never to return, others that repeat, looping like some eternal visual stutter, scratching at my corneas behind closed lids. The cloud counsels me, and asseverates it shall be most useful to do so in time. To whom, or why I know not. Most of that which flickers is a mystery to me, I am unfamiliar with the accents and landscapes. The behaviour of the beings that unravels before me often defies reason, scenes and stories lie unresolved, often with no beginning and no conclusive ending either, and I am limited in my understanding of this vast data base of strange entities and frightening emotions. It is of no matter. The cloud will absorb. Perhaps others will recognise themselves in the clouds reflection. Perception is all.

Don’t Panic – Esmecloud. (sonmicloud in the last incarnation.)

135 thoughts on “About”

  1. I demand to know what has become of the one with the sea glass eyes!

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    • Bailiffs soon then, I need to move fast.
      She whose eyes were made of sea glass was, as it turned out, a premature conception. Something was wrong in Kansas. I blame a ‘cloud’ of dust myself. An executive decision had to be made as the cloud and myself disagreed on the matter. It shall not be made public who made this landmark choice in the end to protect their identity (not very well).
      There is every chance she may return.
      Or not.
      (Thank you for noticing her absence.)

      • sonmicloud

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    • I keep laughing at this.


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  2. Once upon a whim, there were two kings, both vegetarian and they both enjoyed eating cabbages, cabbages good and fair to eat, some green,some red,some blue, but by far there most favored cabbages of all were the winged cabbages who could soar through the air like birds do, but these soaring cabbages the two kings didn’t eat because well, they were too much like birds! But oh,how the kings loved to watch the winged cabbages fly while the kings enjoyed grand feasts of cabbages green,red and blue!And one day a cloud passing by saw the winged cabbages flying around and came to see the two kings… but what happened next I am not entirely sure,I only know it was a happy introduction and that this was written on a whim on a cloud. Not the end,just the beginning.By the way I’m niried!Pleased to meet you!

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    • Well my dear niried, after an entrance such as that you are most definitely in the right company! Welcome to my world, that which the Cloud I float upon, it is a pleasure to meet you, thank you for the marvellous tale above, and do feel free to find a comfy corner here whenever you wish. *smiles.

      • sonmicloud.

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  3. This, your About, is so poetic, so ethereal, I mean in its revelation and what it implies to me, it’s a masterpiece. I’m pleased I happened upon your world. Or cloud I should say.

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  4. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog 🙂

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  5. Hi Sonmi cloud. I just love your bio. and yes that big cloud looking down upon us all. With so much knowledge, is it benevolent, I wonder?

    Thank you so much for following my blog and I look forward to reading more of your creative posts.

    All the beast,
    Emy ❤

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    • Thank you Emy, I’m pleased to have you join the Cloud collective. It’s always good to pool creativity I think, and as for the Cloud….benevolent at times, and a moody so and so at others. However, it is ultimately a force for good. Welcome. smiles

      • sonmi upon the Cloud

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  6. jessiemartinovic said:

    nimbus grubs inched their ways from eyelids to nose tips

    mouth gawking in glee

    hello there

    from here

    good day night


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  7. So, this is not an iCloud?

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  8. Today, I saw Cloud Atlas. And incidentally, while I was reading through a blog I follow, I saw your name in the comments.

    Your bio is wonderful, both in idea and in writing. I would love to lounge more in your space. (except I always wanted to know whether clouds taste of cotton candy) 🙂
    ~ Satori

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  9. Hey Sonmi, let me apologize. I didn’t mean, when I reblogged your “essence” post, to cause you to be overwhelmed. I suppose I should have asked you if you minded my reblogging it before I did. I do hope things are “back to normal” for you and that you have, as you wished, faded back a little into obscurity.

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    • That’s so thoughtful of you to say Doobster. I’d not have anticipated the response and said yes anyway probably. I know it’s a strange idea to most bloggers – that anyone wouldn’t want floods of people visiting because it does hike up the stats – but I am a quiet one, and like that rolling stone – wow did the post gather moss! I almost sent Hariod in to ‘grammar’ them all away laughs. Having said that I really do appreciate you sending them all here because despite the melee I have connected with some interesting folks, both followers and followees (troposphere word), so I thank you for that. Give me a shout beforehand though if by any chance I come up with anything as apparently brilliant again – I’ll sell you the idea for a shiny shilling and we’ll hold the party at your gaff! Hahahaha.

      • sonmi smiling upon the Cloud

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  10. Enjoyed floating around your blog. (The headliner image is gorgeous). So you are wandering as lonely as a cloud…well, not exactly lonely, but freely wandering with thoughts flying sky high. Nicely done

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    • Thank you, and welcome to the Cloud philosophermouseofthehedge smiles – we float on high and across time and space also, but like to stop for a pot of tea and some cake every now and again to mull over the world past, present and future with all who care to join us.
      You have a marvellous name.

      sonmi upon the Cloud

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  11. Just dropped in here to offer my great thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. In turn, I’m going to follow you because I sense some connection between our two blogs. And that reminds me that if at any time you would like to write a guest post for Learning from Dogs, that would be fabulous.

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    • Welcome to the Cloud Paul, thank you for those kind words, no one has ever asked me to consider writing a guest post before. I shall think on it and when the time is right, let you know. – shakes his hand warmly smiling

      • s.u.t.C

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      • All the more reason why your love of dogs and words should be broadcast a little wider!

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      • OMG Esme: please, please please PLEASE pLeAsE‡ write a guest Wibblette! After you’ve done one for Paul, naturally. (Or maybe you did already?)

        ‡ Oops. Too sycophantic?

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        • Too sycophantic? Only if your face ends up pressed against the cloud window panes, but other than that go wild with praise and roll out the red carpet. falls about.

          I will try, but no deadlines, I have a great deal going on so it’s tricky, especially with all the new comments hahahahaha, but yes, I will try and come up with a Wibblette.

          • Esme juggling balls and spinning plates upon the Cloud but considering a wibble too.

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  12. Plus, I was showing Jeannie the pictures of your creations and we both loved them!

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  13. For some reason you seem to have been un-followed. As I stopped all email notifications a while back – my email was getting just to hectic.
    I wondered why I wasn’t seeing anything of you lately!
    This has now been rectified and you will be in my reader. I am busy plowing through some of your posts.

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  14. Thank you for finding me, and now I can sit amongst the clouds and enjoy the ether. Peace, Harlon

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    • Oh I am pleased to see you here Harlon, one step along a fine path leads to another. I think I found you on Vigilant Lens, I can’t be sure, I have a cloudy memory too. Welcome, enjoy the ride, some of us are strange sorts, but there’s nothing but peace in our hearts (and a rather dodgy sense of humour at times).

      • sonmi waving from upon the Cloud.

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  15. I am a big fan of “like” with “like” and I like that I’ve find what I like. Smiling, while about to dive into a big pile of orange and yellow maple leafs. I think I have found my people 🙂 Harlon

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  16. I love you and your new incarnation ….megxxx

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  17. Well! Clearly I have been deprived of much pleasure while off gallivanting through other jungles in search of Shangri-La and elusive goddesses.

    Mmmm…I think I’ll stay here awhile. 🙂

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  18. Thanks for following. Interesting site you have here.

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  19. Loving your blog posts as I go through them by and by! It’s so full of energy, I feel like I’m gulping down Gatorade as I read through your rhythmic words. WOW! So lively, so animated, so cheerful, so frisky, so spirited, so refreshing, so chirpy, so peppy… I’m so glad I visited your blog. 😀 I’m going to set myself a task of reading through all your posts as soon as I can.

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    • By the Gods thank you! And welcome to the Cloud – beams a smile out. You are a lover of words and wordplay I note from your own blog and so you are in the right place, though often visuals and other oddities are thrown into the mix here in the troposphere. Inspiration is the treasure sought and shared round these parts and I’m most pleased to have you join my motley crew.

      “I’m going to set myself a task of reading through all your posts as soon as I can.” – Good luck, I think you get less time for murder mind you. Hahahahaha. Thank you again for telling me you’re enjoying my letters. – bows and curtsies. Is there a name you go by that I may use? ‘The Lunatic’ is fine of course – laughs – but I do ask these days just in case there is a preference.

      • esme smiling broadly upon the Cloud

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      • Hahaha.. What’s this source of perennial energy you possess, friend? About that talk regarding reading your posts and comparing it to a life sentence, I’d say the time I’d take to read your posts would be a time I’d love to serve. However, that does set me thinking if your charisma (which I judge is as jovial as your words are) would make it easy even for someone who is serving time for murder.

        I am more than happy to be a part of your Cloud and your troposphere. Also, considering the fact that I’m currently doing my research thesis on aerosol-cloud microphysics in the troposphere, this welcome makes me feel very much at home too. 😉 Inspiration is definitely something all of us are in the hunt for and it makes me happy to have people like you for company. People do like to call me by my name (Geet), but ‘The Lunatic’ is what I think my friends call me in their minds. I’d have no qualms if you use that title too

        The Lunatic smiling back

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        • You are too kind good sir/misses, but I thank you heartily for your words and hope you still have all your marbles at the end of the task. – laughs – I reckon the subject of your thesis points towards karma sending you this way as well – nods. Pull up a chunk of altocumulus and make yourself at home Lunatic. – smiles

          • Esme making them both a nice cup of tea upon the Cloud

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  20. Hello Esme! Thank you for following my blog. When I started reading your blog, it was just like a breath of fresh air, and it inspired me to write this bad poem dedicated to your cause. 🙂 You’ll have to go to my site to read it. 🙂 https://cloakunfurled.com/2016/07/28/partly-poetry-with-a-chance-of-showers/

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    • By the gods! A poem just for esme! Thank you Swarn, I am honoured and pretty chuffed too for that matter and like as not shall repeat that I am in more comments and a post an all because that’s such a grand thing to do for little old esme as an introduction! Three exclamation marks from me! Now four. Your poem is marvellous sir. – nods a lot.

      Welcome to the Cloud! (five now).

      • esme most pleased upon the Cloud

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  21. This cloud appears to be most mysterious and delightful…. and I haven’t even made it beyond the About page. I would like to speak of cabbages but am reminded that I must go and do the dishes. Hardly the work of kings. Ahhh, but clouds and soaring wings… these I will look most forward to.

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    • Ah welcome to the Cloud Chris, ’tis a pleasure to have you here. Hariod pointed me your way and I am very pleased on that score.

      As to washing up . . .

      “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” ~ Agatha Christie

      • esme pouring a nice cup of tea for herself and Chris upon the Cloud and smiling

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  22. Three cheers for Hariod on all counts!

    I believe Agatha may be right, however coincidentally, this afternoon while doing another chore I did jot down this haiku:

    splitting wood,
    thinking poetry;
    – the axe slips.

    Chris having enjoyed tea, poured a glass of beer for himself and esme in the forest and smiling.

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  23. I find clouds fascinating. They come in all shapes and sizes, white and fluffy sometimes, at other times dark and brooding. It’s hard to tell which you are, but I’m guessing that it would be fun to find out.:) Lovely to meet you Esme.

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  24. To be perfectly honest, I do not believe you are a Professor of Clouds. Sure, you might have a PhD in cloudly meditation but thats nothing to brag about. Lots of people I know have PhDs in cloud stuff. But I do sense something special, something visceral is being transmitted here. Visiting your blog is a kinda out of body experience that I’m looking forward to repeating often when nobody is looking. Way cheaper than a stiff Scotch. So glad I found you Esme.

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    • Oh no, esme isn’t one, I have a follower who is a Professor of Clouds, and it’s absolutely true! Hahahaha. He’s called Swarn and will pop up every now and again.

      “But I do sense something special, something visceral is being transmitted here. ” – Thank you, and just between you and me looks side to side, you’re right. There are some fascinating folks that follow the Cloud, it’s a pleasure to have you amingst them.

      esme raising a glass with Cine upon the Cloud and smiling broadly

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  25. HI, Esme! Thanks for liking my comment on bike riding with a bell. I am enjoying my visit to your little corner of the blogosphere. I particularly liked -“…One only knows how bright the sun is by experiencing the pitch blackness of the night.” It reminded me of the old Tao teaching which I remember as “Without ugliness there can be no beauty.” Very close indeed. Nice meeting you.

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    • Well hello there Tony! How kind of you to pop over to the Cloud. As you saw, esme’s blood doth boil on the subject of cycling and the use of bells; you talked straight sense, which is more than I usually hear on the subject, so thank you in return for the agreement – shakes his hand warmly.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed a wee slice of my ‘about’, there is much wiseness within the Tao teaching. All in the eye of the beholder mind you. – smiles broadly

      Nice to meet you too. I like the cut of the jib of your own blog for that matter.

      • esme riding around the Cloud ringing her bell loudly and waving at him smiling.

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  26. I am trembling in humility, fearing that Esme soars too high to hear my small voice that only wants to say how disturbed I feel that Esme’s opus on worthy films to admire does not include Swiss Army Man (2016), a film that nobly reflects the lofty ideals and fine sentiments so often found on these pixelated parchments. When Esme is next on earth, she might deign to read why this film deserves her attention at https://cinemusefilms.com/2016/07/18/swiss-army-man-2016/

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    • The bare bones of it has me flying fast to kodi this gem as soon as I can (tomorrow evening looks good). I want to know as little as feasibily possible about any film (or book ) in advance and I’m quite strict on this score, so truthfully – will I find out any more than tis a film about a man on a desert island who befriends a corpse? If so, I’d rather visit afterwards and tell you my findings. You know my taste from the list on the Cloud – and you know films, so I take your recommendations very seriously. Thanking you in advance.

      esme smiling and waving at him upon the Cloud

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      • I’m ashamed to have ever thought that you might benefit from a film review cue-card as you already see so much from so high. But this is no ordinary film; more “like a deliberately ambivalent poem or painting, the film can be interpreted in so many ways and what you bring to it shapes its meaning”. But you already know that. Hope you see it and share your thoughts.

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        • Hahahaha, esme just likes to be surprised as much as possible! I’ll fly your way once I’ve consumed the piece. I must say, it sounds so far up my street it’s now sat on the sofa begging for attention. All in goodly time. beams a big smile his way

          esme offering a curtsey mixed with a bow upon the Cloud

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  27. I’ve grown to dislike postmen coz they tend to bring nothing but bills…except when they bring the odd, lovely thing. -gives Esme a huge hug- Have an extra special, lovely Christmas break with all that makes you smile. 🙂

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  28. Dear Esme,

    Hello! Having read some of your posts and judging by the number of posts that you have published, I can see that you have been quite prolific over the first quarter of 2021.

    In the spirit of Easter, I would like to wish you, albeit belatedly, “Joyeuses Pâques!”

    Did you manage to enjoy a lovely Easter weekend and do something special or unusual? Apart from blogging, I wonder whether you have taken the chance to make some lovely things or read some unusual articles. Perhaps you have baked or consumed some lovely Easter cakes and cooked some Easter meals. Did you have the pleasure of visiting some interesting places?

    Speaking of what I have got myself occupied in, I have stayed up till very late in the last few days to complete some new graphics and eye-catching animations plus more pertinent information for my special Easter post entitled “Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective“, which you can easily find at the Home Page of my blog, as it is currently the Featured Post. You can also access the post directly at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/easter-in-modern-multimedia-perspective/

    You are very welcome to peruse the extended and updated post at your earliest convenience. I would be delighted if you could kindly submit your feedback to my said post, as I am very keen and curious to know what you think or make of it.

    I would like to inform you that these animations will only be visible when you visit my blog and view its contents in situ. Hence, it is prudent to refrain from viewing my blog in the WordPress Reader, which tends to ignore or strip away some styling and formatting components, and also fails to display animations, all of which are aplenty in my posts and pages, which will look very different and even improper or amiss in the WordPress Reader.

    In particular, scroll down to the end of my said post entitled “Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective” to watch the complex animations under the heading “Related Articles 📰 with Animations“. Please enjoy!

    May you find April very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, reading, thinking and blogging about whatever topics that take your intellectual fancy, seduce your gustatory pleasure or tickle your spiritual delight!

    Yours sincerely,

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    • And many happy returns of a bunny and sunny nature to you too sir! I haven’t been anywhere as I’ve been isolating for what was a year at the end of March due to certain factors beyond my control, however, the garden has been my sanctuary, and I’ve been working hard and reaping the rewards from said toil physically, mentally and possibly spiritually. I know many of the woodlice and worms by sight and we have discussed the world and its perplexing ways, they agree with me for the most part though reckon things might take a turn for the best if the whole of the human race were decimated, desiccated — done and dusted. Which is fair enough under the circumstances. I don’t celebrate Easter personally and indeed only know it occurs when other people mention it. I was brought up in a somewhat strange cult that was very keen on the matter mind you so know a fair amount. Your post is most certainly a joyous fanfare for the occasion, thank you for the linkage. I celebrate Spring itself which was going on long before any chocolate bunnies or the living dead and the like, but it is a beautiful time to celebrate anything say I. Many thanks for the effort put in both here and at your gaff. If anyone reading this enjoys Easter do visit SoundEagle’s page, you’ll enjoy it very much.

      • Esme Cloud waving some daffodils his way

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      • Dear Esme,

        It seems that we each have a green thumb! Speaking of botany and gardening, I have been a keen gardener, and would like to inform you of my four horticulture websites containing a great deal of information available to you as follows, considering that your garden has been a sanctuary to you “physically, mentally and possibly spiritually”.

        Simply append the usual dot wordpress dot com to the end of the following words to visit the corresponding websites:


        Please enjoy the websites to your heart’s content!

        By the way, I have improved and expanded my special Easter post entitled “Easter in Modern Multimedia Perspective” even more. There are some surprises awaiting you there!

        Since I have visited, enjoyed and commented copiously on your “About” page, I would also like to welcome you to my “About” page at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/about/

        This “About” page has recently been given a dramatic facelift plus plenty of eye-catching animations. See you there!

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  29. I asseverate‡ that this is a truly wondrous ‘about page’, Esme. (I’m a tad surprised that it would appear this is the first time I’ve visited it.)

    ‡ Thank you for teaching me a new word today. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before!

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  30. That is a great and interesting description
    Live to laugh

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