Hi Ren


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It’s been too long, of course, but if it makes you all feel any better no-one has been getting much in the way of Esme, so it isn’t you. I even missed my ninth anniversary on WP. Nine years. Nine! I’m no mathematical genius but that means it’s ten next year and therefore must involve a ball ( or two in all their glory) to dance the night away.

I am here to share an artist I found a couple of weeks ago, shortly after this video came out. A chap some of you know called Billy Bragg bobbed onto my radar online proclaiming this song to be one of the best pieces of music he’d heard in years, so I decided to give it a go, and now think it to be the performance of the decade, even so early into it. For anyone who has ever struggled within themselves it is an absolute necessity to watch.

It is nine minutes long, and I thought I’d not watch it all…I was wrong. It surprises again and again, changing throughout –  the ending is the cherry on an incredible cake. Watch it, and then please, do tell me your thoughts, unless you hate it and then just shush. falls about


I know it will save lives.

His channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqq3VcwPGseErHUa0-xLInQ