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The point of origin.

Atoms swirl and curl, tenderly embrace. The universe scatters it’s wares and through the passage of many times and many lives Sonmi’s cloud appears.

Upon it I, Sonmi, shall offer thoughts, wonders, curios for the senses, oddities and soddities, often in the form of words, sometimes with other media, my own, others, and the cloud itself, for this cloud is sentient. Should any passer by decide to rest here briefly, they must remove their shoes and socks. The cloud is not candy floss and will not tolerate being chewed. I welcome comments that reflect back and lead on from my posts in poetic style, but this is not obligatory. All comments are welcomed, as long as they are respectful to both myself and the cloud.

My aim is to create a place of peace and light; it is calm, but darkness exists here too. He who understands how bright the sun is, has experienced the pitch blackness of the night beforehand. I have silently watched for many years. Now I join this world of open words, lift a handful of feathers and begin to write.

I am as new here as every snowflake that falls is new.

Heiwa wa anata to issho ni – peace be with you, as my father often said when we parted.