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Interesting Literature

By Luna Gradinšćak

There is one fact that I gladly used to mention in my notes, works and conversations. The first time I ever read that fact was in a phenomenal book by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas. The book speaks about something that one day will be clear to all of us. That is why in this abyss it is important to talk about things which can morally and spiritually raise us up, things like our heroes.

I come from a small country. But not a small culture. If culture can find people like St. Sava, Ivo Andric, Nikola Tesla or Mihajlo Pupin, you can be proud of it. But I intend to speak about less known Serbian figure of hero, Miloš Crnjanski.

One of the biggest writers we can find in the twentieth century is this man, born one autumn day in 1893., at a place called Čongrad in…

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