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On the subject of following; in order to find out whether or not a blog fits, it is essential to try it on. See how it’s shoes feel as you wander. Sometimes we know by reading just one post that it is a keeper. Most of the time it is the case that a few posts have appealed and so some more exploring is needed. The only way to do this is to follow and watch, wallow and wade a little in its waters.

If esme and the cloud follow your blog, and then leave, it is not meant as a slight, nor is it due to any vendetta, no disrespect is intended, no sneer from here. It is simply because after mooching around there is either too little in common, too little to learn, or certain fundamental beliefs are stretched so far apart between here and there that it is time for sonmi and the cloud to drift on. The same is assumed in reverse. For some bloggers, quantity of followers is very important, for others quality alone, for many both entwined. Your blog is a piece of you, often holding and sharing the most intimate of thoughts and occurrences, and so understandably it is difficult not to take it personally when someone stops following it. However, free choice deems that everyone may come and go as they wish here. So parcel up your worries and insecurities, your queries and fears on the subject and post them off to the land that time forgot; take a deep breath, smile, and consider how lucky you are to have so many people who find you interesting enough to stop, read and enjoy. Whether the time spent consuming your output is the span of just one single post, or forever.