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Field Notes
Spring 2014 Colors Edition

Field Notes Colors Spring 2014 Shelterwood Review

Specs From Field Notes:

“The covers are left uncoated with text printed in a triple-hit of “Ghostflower White” which remains slightly opaque, the wood texture showing through like a faded whitewashed fence. Inside covers are mossy green text on kraft paper. The guts of the books are Finch Fine “Soft White” 70# text stock, the same beefy stock you loved in our “America the Beautiful” Edition. They’re ruled in “Maidenhair Green,” and bound together with three sturdy gold staples.”

Field Notes Colors Spring 2014 Shelterwood Review

Handwritten Review Scans (Field Notes Shelterwood Review)

FN S2014 Shelterwood


So these look really awesome. The covers are made of a very thin wood veneer that’s bonded to kraft paper. The paper inside is a 70#T “soft white” that’s noticeably thicker (and more fountain pen friendly) than their standard 50#T paper. The ruling is a nice green color, and it’s in the form of lines. It’s…

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