Pointless cruelty and killing in the sly name of tradition and scientific research is thwarted. We can only hope they will abide by the ruling.

Walking with the Alligators

Traditional Whaling in Taiji
Picture credit: Public Domain

If you have had your absolute fill of  depressing news about our wonderful world of animals, you can smile today!

Japan has argued for years that they have the absolute right to kill 1,000 whales a year in the Antarctic for “scientific purposes,” but the United Nations has told  Japan, not so fast!

Judge Peter Tomka has determined that what the Japanese are doing,   is not “scientific”  and  they will stop immediately.

The Japanese have a very  long history of whaling, as  it  has been a strong  part of their culture since the 1700’s.

The bitter and sad stories coming out of Taiji where Dolphins and Whales are murdered every year,  has been the subject of countless Blogs, News and TV stories,  even a documentary film,  the Cove.

Bloodshed, as in rituals, for the sake of culture, had been a part of our  lives since we crawled out of the water, or from under a…

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