A fine article on speeches and their potential by Jan De La Force follows. Do click-through to Zen Pencils at the end.

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http://droo216.tumblr.com/post/62544936865/houses-of-hogwarts-slytherin http://droo216.tumblr.com/post/62544936865/houses-of-hogwarts-slytherin

Speeches, speeches…  They’re the make or break part of most stiff ceremonies.  They’re lengthy pieces read aloud from wooden podiums.

It’s both a gift and a curse to know and not know who the speaker is.  When you know it to be some celebrity and you happen to be a fan, you’re guaranteed to be all-ears.  Now, if it’s someone you don’t know, but your seatmates do (know), you’re probably glowing alight with mystery.

And if it’s someone whose name doesn’t ring a bell nor a gong, then with a bit of resignation, you relax.  But then, who cares?  You’re about to get your well-deserved diploma.  You’ll march alongside friends.

Who needs to care or tolerate another boring speech?  Only, this isn’t boring.

Speeches can be just as cool.  In fact, if you do get the speech’s message, you can’t help but feel elated, if not enlightened.  My own…

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