This is a re-blog from The Shoddy Onion, a blog written by the artist, and I hasten to add most ingenious adapter and inventor of creative processes in the face of limited funds and bureaucracy – Dale Harkness. He’s a passionate chap, you may have to duck from the flying fury at times, but I find it well worth it to follow his artistic journey. His youtube videos are highly instructive and a forte for sure. The following is his latest offering – a tutorial on how to recycle an old book, into something special. As you all know, my love of words and books is expansive, so this project in particular has whetted my creative pallet. As the re-blog button is playing up and will not work I am posting a link to the original post, and the video too.


Over to you Dale;

Making A Butterfly Shaped Booklet – Dale Harkness