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My compatriot masodo has been loosened from his bonds, having been asked previously not to place any links to the Cloud and I on his popular blog Blogdogit, nor share, nor even speak in hushed tones of it on an inky black night at ten past midnight on pain of –  if not death – certainly a furrowed brow aimed in his direction and some very loud tutting noises. He kindly acquiesced.

I have now, tentatively opened the Cloud up to the world somewhat more publicly. The sharing buttons (previously so feared!) are now in place on every post (still  so feared!). I have eschewed Facebook as it is full of relatives and utter dribbling morons.

There is even….well…the Cloud is a Twit now too. How that shall pan out I do not know. We shall see. There’s always a rabbit hole in sight from the heights of the troposphere to dart into should sonmicloud get spooked.

Much as before, all criticism shall be met with a fury such as never been witnessed in the whole of time and the cosmos,  plus several squally showers and a downpour of Goliath frogs, upon the foolish mortal daring to speak their mind.

So no change at all really.

No-one is expected to re-blog any of the Cloud’s posts. No-one. I repeat once again for the hard of reading NO-ONE.

masodo expressed his pleasure at being able to help and said the following of Sonmi’s Cloud as he did;

“When I think of Sonmi’s Cloud I imagine laying on my back in the grass watching the clouds waft across the sky playing games with my imagination and taking me to diverse places within my psyche as the words slowly pile around me like falling leaves on the breeze. “

How beautiful, and as near as dammit to the intended ethos of this place.

Thank you masodo.