An important message from Donna in regards to melanomas here, and one worth sharing I feel with this re-blog.

Walking with the Alligators

Stunning Pink Flamingos
Picture Credit: Pedros Szekely
There were hundreds of plastic ones on the grounds of  the Hospital where I had my surgery in Gainesville!

As you may already know, October is Cancer Awareness month.

So, it is appropriate for this to be shared right now.

My absence from you was not by my choosing.

Since 1988,  I having been dealing with a well-known enemy, skin cancer, more accurately Melanoma.

Three weeks ago I finally made the long trip to Gainesville for the appointment that I have avoided for three reasons,  for the past fifteen years.

Lack of money, health care and fear.

All quite equal to my mind.

In September with the last payment on our car, money could no longer be one of my  excuses.

So, I found a plan and a Doctor and made the too long put off appointment.

I already knew I was in trouble before I ever walked through…

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