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A Pound of Flesh for 50p is the name of the following installation, or rather sculpture to mine eyes, which a chap called Alex Chinneck has constructed in London. It is a house made of wax….and said house is melting. It is expected to take 30 days all in all to reach it’s full demise, Only the roof tiles, brass door number and letterbox will remain in the puddle of property gloop at the end. The project is part of Bankside Transformed and celebrates the history of an old candle making factory which was based in Bankside a couple of centuries ago. The name is of course a reference to The Merchant of Venice, the pound of flesh in this case being the amount of building lost into a runny sludge, as rust-red as blood. I like this very much, as I do his other works with buildings, there’s something quite exciting about someone mucking about (technical term) with the rules, especially when it is connected to such every day objects such as a two story house. Here is his website – http://www.alexchinneck.com/ – do have a peek. He is the one in the photograph below wearing the flat cap, looking as serious as one can in front of a house you have made which will begin to melt very shortly.

wax-house-5-mrs-dotty-w wax-house-2-mrs-dotty-w wax-house-1-mrs-dotty-w alex chinneck wax 4 wax 3 wax 1 wax22 wax99 wax9 wax8 wax6 in homage to a candle making factory wax5 wax2