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The below was received from the aether and beamed by sonmi from upon the Cloud a year ago. Tis a small offering that few have seen, that she tucked away, but is now being taken out, shaken, and aired across the skies again.
Reflection finds the piece stands fast for her
. – The Cloud


The light sears across my irises,
Rippling through my mind,
Roller-coasting the landscape of my being.
It’s departure bequeaths
An imprint of its association
Comparable to the permanence
Of a hard-fought for battle scar.
It remains with me forever more,
Yet I sorely grieve it’s loss,
And still hold dear the pleasurable rays
Gleaned from its bright dawn.


Now. Let me take you on a trip – at the speed of light – and you won’t have to move – just sit there, and ride;