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Update – Now, whilst this has all been lovely, and I’m happy to have made so many folks smiles and share the best of themselves, I am now going to disable comments on here,and you must all feel free to take this idea and run with it on your own. Just don’t send anyone else here now hahahaha. *sonmi is a shy sort and would like to fade back a little into obscurity

If you were too slow getting here, you need to keep on your toes. nods

However I thank you all for coming to the Cloud, and some for staying, others for finding new connections between our small islands that may well forge good friendships and hopefully no enemies for life.

sonmi takes no responsibility for any wars started due to any of her posts, curtsies, and goes to lie on the Cloud with a large glass of ambrosia )

I have been pondering upon the Cloud as to that which visitors see first when they amble across the aether and stumble upon a new blog – mine, or yours say. The most recent post displayed that day or night will be the swinger as to whether they then decide to look at the ‘about’ section, which of course in turn will determine if they shall stay for a while and delve within, or move on, finding this place is not for them. One blogger I follow has written “But stem your haste, be not so quick to click your way away till you’ve at least had a taste.” I like that, and I’d steal it brazenly (adding some kind of merciless threatening tone of course), were I a dirty thief. As things stand I am a very clean thief I’ll have you know so don’t go round spreading such heinous rumours or I’ll set Jack Frost on you. wags her finger nodding furiously

I am aware that many templates allow for the main page to be a static one – where a blogger can display just one post all the time, any others to be found by then exploring the blog farther. I myself do not employ this option because I have found it stems the ‘flow’ of a blog. If I visit one which does use this option I feel the same, it does not draw me in. This is often the case with blogs which have a front page full of circles with titles of posts, or photographs upon it I’ve noted, though it can breed a little curiosity in me as they are a bit of a lottery, and I am liable to pick a random picture/circle/word and see where it leads. My template also does not allow an option of a ‘feed’ where one can scroll down the first page to view a few previous few posts in full –  I note a few of you folks have just that going on, and others have a snippet of the previous posts listed below the latest offering.

And on the theme of curiosity, I’m wondering which post of yours, my reader, would you say encapsulates the essence of your blog beyond the ‘about’ section. If you could choose a piece to be the very first post a pilgrim traversing the blogosphere viewed when they came across your blog….which would it be? Which piece would you submit to some all-powerful being with tentacles who would judge you mercilessly upon the content, but reward you with a magic carpet and all the gold you could eat if it deemed said piece to be as marvellous as you clearly think it is yourself? laughs.

There is no strict theme, fiction, non-fiction, the moon on a stick waved about for twenty seconds…anything goes.

So, show me that which, in your opinion, (not that of others – in as much as not the most popular necessarily), is your pièce de résistance to date. We all have jewels in our treasure chests. Show me your jewels say I. laughs for some time at this. (Please note that there are no demands on the Cloud, if you do not wish to join in, you shall not be deemed a kill-joy. Unless that is you have recently killed someone named ‘Joy’. Then I’d have to say “Yes – you sir/madam are an absolute kill Joy”.)

Leave a link in the comment box to the post with a few words as to why you have chosen said piece if you fancy, if you don’t fancy then don’t. If you like French Fancies then you’re not alone I’d say, and if you are a fancy-pants sort then you’re in the wrong place for the Cloud has no truck with such fuss-pots.

Fancy that.

Sate this Cloud dancer’s curiosity.