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Day 435. There are 100 people following me. twitches But there are Doc. I see them, behind me, sneaking through my files, hiding in the bushes! Only yesterday I caught sight of one named ‘Hariod’ stealing my pants off the washing line, and this guy ‘Doobster‘ was rooting through my black wheelie bin, looking for…..for what?!! No, it’s true Doc, it really is! Ya gotta believe me! Damn, I have other names, unlikely dodgy names –  ‘Lens1‘ he’s known as ‘The Photographer’, and another called  ‘Rung2idiotmaslader’ would you believe? She’s the brains of the outfit they say. Then there’s ‘Victo Dolore’ the assassin, and the one they call ‘Masodo Söze’, he’s the ‘Boss’ from what I can glean – word gets around these parts real fast. The this morning when I went to the newsagents to pick up my usual daily paper I saw ‘Peter the Vegan‘ peeking at me over a packet of pear drops and a box of extra large tampons. As soon as he realised I had seen him he grabbed the nearest magazine and held it up over his face. I’m not sure if his intention was to grab a copy of ‘Big and Bouncy’, but who are we to judge Doc? Huh? No, no, I don’t need any more sedation I’m not just making this stuff up on a computer or something you know. Arrrggghhhh! Look! At the window just then! Dale Harkness on extendable metal legs made from 1,265 old printers! He was there! What do they all want?!! Hang on a minute….what’s that written on your tag Doc? ‘President and Founder of the Institute’…Come to think of it you do look kinda familiar…those giant bug-eye sunglasses an all…hmmm….no? M’kay. Maybe not. You couldn’t be in on it too. I don’t wanna come over all paranoid or anything but the thing is… I’m afraid Doc. Terrified in fact, because……..(her eyes widen and she whispers)….I see well-read people.