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If someone, for instance a penner of words, were to have written a rather long story lets say, a tale of some length, (bigger than the average bear for example), and intended to post said tale when completed upon a blog, would a reader prefer to have the whole job lot in one go, as a giant affair, or have it split up into ‘chapters’ of a sort on separate posts, or be on a static post that is added to each day or so with more of the story, with a ‘to be continued…’ at the end of each slice?

I’m asking you of course.

And you over there too.

I know which I personally prefer. If I find a very long story in one post, I must admit to being a little put off initially. Of course if they have employed a good hook at the beginning, and I’m enjoying the ride, I will actively want more anyway, but even then, not necessarily in one humongous session.

However, if said enjoyable story is eeked out over a few posts, I might miss one of them, as it gets lost in the feed,  and any passers-by will scroll down the feed and get it all in the wrong order, for the end will be highest on the list, and the beginning the last. The technical term for which is ‘arse over tit‘.  If you get me. is not sure she’s being any clearer than mud, but strides on valiantly regardless.

For myself, if I don’t have the time to jump in and soar through the waves of a story all in one go, a running post works best. In as much as one post which remains as the last one written, but is added to each time more of the tale is published. A ‘tbc’. Though I’d write the whole words out, partly because some people would not know what the acronym meant, (really), but almost entirely, due to my liking the mood the words create. ‘To be continued… ‘ –  It has an air of vintage mystery to it, of drama even, and also there’s an element of nostalgia in it for the older readers among us (sonmi is 158 years old), as tis reminiscent of shows like ‘The Lone Ranger’, at the cinema, which always left one on a cliffhanger. Not that there would necessarily be cliffs in this possible tale being possibly talked about, possibly by sonmi.

For a static (yet rolling) post to work, the writer must not publish anything new until the story is finished. And that way, as time passes, anyone who comes across it will have it all in the right order too.

What do you think my fine followers (or random passers-by) ? How do you prefer your wordy meals? Several courses at the same restaurant? Al fresco? A bag of crisps and a sarnie? Four candles? There’s a man works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis? is completely making up nonsense now My old man’s a dustman? Yankee noodle doodle? Cake or death?

Spill the beans.

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