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More cosmic wonder here, courtesy of Hariod. thanks abound H’s way.


Live, continual footage of Earth from the cameras mounted upon the International Space Station thanks to NASA.

If the screen is black, then it is night-time views you’re seeing. The rest of the time, it’s like being sat on top of the module as it whirls across space. I find it very soothing a watch, have the site open constantly upon my desktop, and can drift off for some time, but then it is almost home from home for sonmi, living on a Cloud, with occasional planet hopping when on holiday.

Look …https://www.urthecast.com/live

Right now I have the first image below on my screen (though by the time I have posted this, it will of course have changed, as the whole craft moves quite fast). The second screenshot I took this morning.

urthecast screen shot two Urthecast screenshot 1