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I came across an article in The Public Domain Review the other day that was interesting, and reminded me of one of my favourite books – ‘House of Leaves’ by Mark Z Danielewski.

In 1918 the French writer Guillaume Apollinaire produced an unusual book. It had, scattered within its pages type that was formed into shapes and patterns. This odd way of writing was then granted his name, and such patterns are known as calligrams. The tome below is in French, so I have little idea as to what he’s saying, however the way it is written makes it entertaining none the less. I’ve been unable to find a translation as of yet.

The original article is in full  at the link below-

Apollinaire’s Calligrammes (1918)

I have cherry picked some of the choicest pages for you, and then a few from ‘House of Leaves’ too. I love the way the words make you have to physically move the book, and yourself at times to find out what happens, to fall through the pages.

Mr Appolinaire’s offerings


The man himself.

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And here, only a couple from ‘House of Leaves‘ as the rest should be discovered by the reader in context nods

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