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For those of you wondering what esme is doing of late, rifling through your drawers in the past few days (a practice that she shall be continuing to do so for a few more she suspects, you prolific buggers you!) – tis because she has not been able to keep up her usual standard of blogging, in as much as reading and commenting upon the blogs of those she follows for the past six weeks or so, therefore is aiming to catch up a little. The excuse for this poor show on her part is an excellent one as she has been providing rather full on care for a close, somewhat fragile, septuagenarian who resides upon the Cloud with her and who fell and broke her right hip and her right arm, said six weeks ago at the same time. groans And yes, she is right handed. looks incredulous. Unfortunately there was no social care provided during this period, due to the ‘system’ which was put in place to help the elderly recover in such situations being completely and utterly buggered up beyond belief.

Thankfully, the cast is off (cast it off I tell you!!), and things are on the up quite literally in a positive sense, so previous service upon the Cloud shall now be, hopefully, resumed.

Thank you for your patience during this trying time you knew absolutely nothing about.

  • esme the champion septuagenarian carrier upon the Cloud