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Esme has long been an admirer of The Psychedelic Furs, and has recently become aware of a different kind of art created beyond music, by the lead singer of the ensemble, Richard Butler. I have been unable to find the names and dates of all of the following paintings, so should you know more than I, do tell.

The paintings are reminiscent of Francis Bacon to my eye; the blurred, stretched flesh, and the masks that manipulating oils in such a fashion produces, the connection to religion with the cut out ‘jig-saw’ pieces that reveal glimpses through the exaggerated confessional grate, and the manifestation of a violent undercurrent he similarly creates.

Masks are prominent in a more obvious sense in other pieces, giving the observer only part of the story of each face depicted. You can never see all, after all…

Most of all there is a deep river of sadness throughout it all to esme; far beyond melancholy, and it runs through each and every one all of the works.

I think they are dark, clever and quite superb.

See even more of his work hereRichard Butler

* (I’ve found this link since writing the above, and I’m pleased to have been correct re Bacon and the confessional) 


butler 24

diver, 2010

butler 14

portraitwithlights, 2013

butler 13

butler 12

butler 11

butler 10

butler 7

bubblewrap, 2010

butler 3 zentaihead, 2010

butler 2

loveasitmustwillreinventitself, 2010


butler theroadtolasvegasstudy-RichardButler

theroadtolasvegasstudy, 2013

butler hypochondriacatthegramercyparkhotel, 2010

hypochondriacatthegramercyparkhotel, 2010

butler 23

yourheroestoowillbeforgotten, 2013

butler maggieconfessional-RichardButler

maggieconfessional, 2013

butler 8

whenisaidiloveyouilied, 2012

butler 21

devilsbreath, 2012

butler noisymouth_body

noisymouth, 2013.

butler 22

betweenthewars, 2012

butler 20

whenisaidiwassorryilied, 2012

butler 19

music-samheavenandthecometkings, 2012

butler 17



butler 9

The man himself.