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If you, yes you there, (points at you) should decide to leave a comment (or email esme at esmeuponthecloud@gmail.com) upon this post which includes either your home street address, (or some other place in time and space like a P.O Box, or a relative you don’t see much but still like a little bit), where mail may be received or collected, you could be one of 15 fine and faithful followers (those who have remained that is, to the othersmoons and makes a rum hand gesture), who shall receive a hand-printed (no less! No more either, but don’t be greedy, it doesn’t suit you), Christmas card sent to them personally from the workshop in the vaults of the Cloud. None of the addresses shall be posted online,  comments are moderated in this place, tis all top-secret that part, and no real names need be given either, you can call yourself ‘Billy No-mates‘ for all esme minds, and it is highly unlikely** you shall be stalked.

Should more than fifteen addresses appear, all names shall be smeared in organic pea-nut butter, placed in a sombrero and Rosie will then pick out fifteen sticky winners. No long comments about bags of balls etc necessary, points at Hariod laughing time is of the essence for esme just now, simply sling an address and a smile her way should you wish to receive such a prize. 

Esme is still incapacitated and cannot as of yet return to her usual gold standard service in the blogosphere. So don’t get over-excited.  

She still has her eyes on you though . . .


** get a grip folks you’re all nuts.

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