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Something to Put the Wind in Your Sails Sir/Misses/You Over There Looking Uncomfortble.

Some you fine folks will recall one of the last films recommended by Esme, and how truly strange and wonderful it was when you took it in (and gave it a biscuit and a mug of hot chocolate no doubt) — The Lobster.

Well, thanks to a new, and most welcome member of the Cloud community (aware this now sounds like The Cloud is some kind of institution for the disadvantaged and unfortunate which is definitely a gated institute of sorts, but makes no attempt to rectify this, as it seems about right) — CineMuseFilms, I have another absolute blinder of a strange, must-see celluloid affair. He most kindly, after having perused the Cloud’s extensive list of freaky fine films, and discussing ‘the Lobster’ in some detail too — recommended Esme watch ‘Swiss Army Man’.  And she did just that the very next night.

Here is your mission — you must watch this film. You must not look up any information upon it’s innards beyond that which is detailed right here, right now. Esme sings a swift chorus of Fat Boy Slim’s excellent tune at this juncture. No matter how much you think you will not like this film after fifteen minutes have passed . . . you must continue to watch through to the end. Because the end is a very different place to the beginning and it will definitely at some point have you laughing, and then thinking some. Esme does not speak with fork in mouth, so take heed. I cannot think of any of my followers who would not end up loving this film. But you must watch to the end! – laughs

Thank you CineMuseFilms shakes his hand warmly and encourages folks to go and have a gander at his filmy wares when they have a free moment or two.

Normally, I post a very small and quite obscure piece of the film in question, in order to give little away, but entice folks in none-the-less. I can’t do that with this one. Just watch it. It will make you smile a lot one way or another. At the end, you’ll thank Esme and her celluloid-loving friend. nods

For those who need a little more . . . do read this splendid review by CineMuseFilms! – https://cinemusefilms.com/2016/07/18/swiss-army-man-2016/