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Collections, gangs, throngs, crowds, buckets of and the like . . . the correct (or most amusing) terms for specific groups of bods/boddesses/beasts/kitchen implements/cells can be rather entertaining when one looks into it/scans the dark corners of the aether. Can you add anything of interest?  Bring/plonk something impressive to/on the table?

Feel free.

An entrance of actresses – (Esme runs out onto the stage with a ruff round her neck holding a skull out, she trips over her mediaeval shoes, then falls flat on her face)
A flange of baboons – (In the pink no doubt)
A culture of bacteria – (Proper posh germs)
A galaxy of beauties –  (“Ah my darling, your eyes are like stars you know; not because they twinkle, but because they’re so far apart”.)
A goring of butchers – (One can only hope)
A soufflé of clouds – hahahahaha
A murder of crows – (Hell on the dance floor I hear)
A fagot of drummers– Blimey.
A peck of Frenchmen – (Know your onions)
A grope of groupiesone of Esme’s
An unhappiness of husbands –  falls about
A mischief of mice – (“Do you have a moment sir/ma’am? We’d like to talk to you about Cheeses“)
A metamorphosis of ovoids Just lovely
A shower of meteorologists – (the lot of ’em!)
An abomination of monks – HAHAHAHAHAHA (bit harsh)
A mutter of mothers-in-law – (There is evidence that Mother-in-law jokes date back to Roman times: Satire VI by Juvenal says “that one cannot be happy while one’s mother-in-law is still alive.”This is quite true, and I have to say, Juvenal (or rather Juvenile) suited his name well. )
A pomposity of professors – (waves at Professors Taboo and Swarn laughing)
An impatience of wivesfalls about twice as much
An observance of hermits – (Esme knows where you live)
A trip of hippies – (Man)
A virtue of patients – (Tell me about it)
A rhumba of rattlesnakes – (Tis true…trusssssst me)
A pan of reviewers – (Boil them all eh?!)
A malapertness of sauceresses– (Apparently coughs)
A freeze of Northerners – (Winter is Coming)
A beautification of spatulas – (Obviously)(would prefer beatification mind you)
A phalanx of umbrellas – Filth.