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Esme has been hard at work upon her Cloud, and here, for your delight and delectation, is the fruit of her creations. And unlike Christmas 2016, this Yuletide said fruits are for sale! But before I get to those, a word about my seasonal gift.

Last year, as some may recall, I asked all and sundry who follow the Cloud to send Esme their home address, or P.O. Box number, or details of their aunt who collects mail for them, and to do so by means of a comment left (Esme always pre-moderates her comments meaning no addresses or personal details shall be published), so that I could send across the globe/universe what amounted to around forty hand-printed Christmas cards. They went as far as Bermuda and (eventually — in Jan/Feb no less!) Kenya –  Waves at Mak and Prospero It was great fun and I intend doing the same again this year.

I purposely refrained from giving any return address to the Cloud, for a gift is no gift if the recipient feels beholden afterwards. No strings upon the Cloud (even though I know it annoyed some of you –  Waves cheerfully at Carmen)

Every address I have from last year shall receive another hand-printed card this Christmas, and those of you who have found your way to the Cloud since January, or were AWOL last year, please do feel free to join in and give me an address to send your special delivery to. It matters not a jot where in the world that may be, and again, it can be a forwarding address or 3rd Party to maintain your privacy –  Esme knows and understands the necessity of such steps when one must protect their evil lair/cave/pagoda

Click here for last year’s post explaining it all again – hahahaha –

Free Gift from Esme to her Bestest Blogger Chums

Now, back to the aforementioned fruits –  eyes the audience dubiously

Below are a selection of my designs (for Esme is The Clockwork Jewel) that I am having professionally printed for the first time –  Breathes on her fingernails and buffs them on her cape, looking very chuffed with herself

They whole lot are now listed here in my shop – Esme’s Christmas Cards!

For those who live outside of the UK/EU and North America it’s a bit late to get purchases sent out in time, and I appreciate that, so you can’t buy a fig. Not one I tell you –  falls about. The original plan was to be doing all this a month ago, however, the gods of many sizes had other plans, so here I am only now –  Shakes a tiny fist and mutters at the deities who are all mooning back at her

Right, enough blather, here’s the whole shebang in shorthand for folks with short attention spans –  Throws several paper planes at those who have nodded off to sleep

1) If you want a free hand crafted Christmas card sent from Esme’s Cloud to you and yours, leave your home address or any other address as a comment. It will NOT be published, rest assured.

2) If you would like to purchase a few of Esme’s printed cards after perusing the selection below,  either head to the shop

                                    The Clockwork Jewel

or email me at:

theclockworkjewel at gmail.com

I have taken the @ out of the email address and replaced it with ‘at’ and a space on either side to avoid gettting spammed within an inch of my life by evil bots.

3) Postage and packaging is free in the U.K., and I subsidise postage elsewhere. It’s £3.00 for the E.U. and £4.00 for North America, anyone outside of the UK best email me first mind nods.

4) Last date for orders for outside the UK to be delivered is the 30th November. Last orders (please! hic) for delivery in the UK and N.I is the 15th December.

5) As this is a limited run there’s a chance some designs may run out before others, so should you be happy for swaps to be made I’m sure I can arrange something to satisfy –  Nods and waves

So, with no more jibber, I give you,

The Clockwork Jewel 2017 Christmas Card Catalogue!

(If you click on the images below they shall embiggen! It’s magic!)