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A few snapshots I’ve taken of late. There are bees everywhere, it’s brilliant. All kinds too and for the first year Tree Bees too which look like mini bumble bees. I haven’t managed to get a shot of one of those yet, but I watch them a great deal. I am now a bee watcher officially. They like me and will come and land on my hand occasionally, being a delicate flower has its perks you know. laughs. The Elderflower tree has a nest with five baby Great Tits in it as well.

Honey bee taking a nap.



A furry bumble bee on the Snowbrush tree



Closer . . .

Vampyre bee!

Pretty Clematis.

The size of them!


Honeysuckle in all it’s finery.

A beauty.

Random leaf prints to try out some new ink.



A sticky peony bud and visitor.

Huge blooms misses! They usually end up looking like blossomy blousy footballs. And so do the flowers bows

Bees collecting  – ‘Do my legs look fat in this nectar?’

Another sticky peony bud looking like an alien’s bumhole.

Plums this year!


Working outdoors. The plates are coming along nicely beams

I’ve just managed to get a shot of a Tree Bumblebee!


And as it looked so glorious the Snowbrush Tree reaching away into the blue yonder.