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The accumulator calumniator:
A spender in dark mottled splendour
Which has coined a thousand phrases
Drops — never has it fallen so far.
Caught, it tic-tacs forwards
On crenulated tipster toes
Blind clothed in well-groped garb,
Seemingly heaven cent,
Dimed if it don’t
And dimmed if it does
It plucks from thin air a dare
That pays as it plays —
You have to be in it to win it.

The thoughtful sleight-of-handed
Celestial performer holds it close,
Tucked tight in hermetic fisted fingers;
Then undulates the opposite metacarpus
— In for one, in for one and all —
And so begins a slow unfolding
Of perfectly oiled, slick digits.
A dark-veined nail brings its bad-odds goods
To the tableau and . . . flicks
Pure pertinent luck,
Felicity spun from day to night
As up, up, up she goes and where she lands
Is a bluff of the prose.

Like Amy’s Back To Black, Jack,
Tiny grooves of torment roll up the walls
Whilst sparking and a-glowing;
And you wait for your fate
Hearing the birches scrape across panes
Whilst the wind milks cruel the moon.
‘Spare me one’ you cry in case
It’s a bad’un that marauds this chilly eve
Culled from the eyes of the lost,
Begged, mugged, borrowed, no matter matters,
For it may still leave you sickeningly short.
Hold the paper notes — there’s a chance of change,
A trick of favour that could break chains . . .

Or wreak havoc,
Murderously unfortunate,
A maddening wise-crack —
Who can possibly sway the say-so?
Now, when pinched
On the downwards journey we see
In its lee a tail that snaps from side to side,
Then a palm slaps buckled knuckles,
A head rolls and pivots . . . falls flat on its face.
Its mark is now made.
So billow a wish, eyes smashed tight
Sending love day and night until
Another new one spins your way.

For life’s a lottery
Hope just another ageing day;
This dreadful copper burnished bright,
It’s a hands down celestial steal
Prised from some personal hell’s wheel.
Your thoughts on this bilateral gamble
I am keen to glean;
So come, meet your maker of books,
Here to account for countless
Tossed and star-crossed coins.
A penny for them?
Place your bet Sincerely,
P. Dreadful.