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Right here.

It has taken, and shall still take, much longer than any other being’s book in the universe to be published for many reasons, all of which are astoundingly valid. A fair-sized one is how it needs to be built. Most people write a novel or a book of poems, they have a story or a theme, they write the book, sort a cover out and then publish it. Simples, yes?

No, not for Esme because my book is a sculpture, it is architecture, and if it isn’t built and carved into the exact right shape it won’t work. It only has to work for me, but it would be a boon if others agreed. It will be an experience, not linear, but hopefully beautiful. It will be a hardbacked gold-embossed linen affair, most likely boxed, and may well come with a limited edition hand-printed linocut of one of the illustrations depending on how the wind blows, but certainly a hand-printed bookmark (along with the ribbon one that is a must). And that is another reason it’s taking time – the illustrations have to be right too. I have around twenty-five at present, however, many need the plates carving a little more and I absolutely must pen and ink some bees and woodlice.

I won’t give a month, I won’t even give a year for its arrival, but I’m now rather confident it will now be this decade. Please live long enough to read it if it pleases you to do so. If it doesn’t please you to read it you aren’t taking the right drugs. The same applies for living.  – beams

It’s got a nice heft to it I can tell you (matron).