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I shall revolt tomorrow.
Today I softly seethe.
Tuesday is earmarked
For a raft of eye rolls.
Midweek an exhibition opens
Of a rare collection —
The minuscule amount of fucks I give.
Thursday, the best day,
Will involve teeth
Grinding and profiteroles.
Friday — booked solid smiting morons.
Saturday night I’ll be
Incandescent with rage,
Submerged in a bucket of Pimms.
And today?
This day of rest
Is spattered with snorts
And a lazy but firmly erect
Middle finger.

Tomorrow, I shall revolt.


In other words – By gum it’s hot –  beams

As a toast, a glass raised, here upon the Cloud we say ‘Cheers (big ears)!’ or ‘Bottoms up!’ I’m curious, when you, yes you reading this, raise a glass in celebration and clink your glass against another’s (or the wall/dog/fresh air) what do you say that’s different? I’m already aware of ‘Here’s mud in your eye’ from Han Solo  – *looks pleased with herself*.