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Wool that is.

More crocheting wares.

It’s a festival hat or a hat for a very important visitor. The very important visitor gets to wear the hat the whole time they are visiting and may sit in the ceremonial chair of wonder when they do so. Less important visitors can look at said hat upon Esme’s head. Everyone gets cake and a kazoo of course.

Too dull eh? Hahahahahaha. Actually, the colours in real life are less neon, deeper, and yes, the sofa cushions look a bit rude, thank you Professor Taboo.

A Pansy. My first as it happens. I don’t particularly like pansies, however, I know someone who likes them a great deal, so here one is. It shall be attached to a scarf, hat, bulldozer or something like that. Pansies have annoyed faces, this one (as pointed out to Esme by a Cloudster pre-post) looks like an old lady with no teeth but a marvellous hair dye job. Once seen cannot be unseen.

Moles! The one on the right was the first attempt, he shall remain upon the Cloud with all the other odd-bods and have a happy long life, well dusted. The one on the left, a second try, looks like the original pattern and shall be sent to someone who loves Moles, and very chuffed they shall be, especially when they know they can take the hat on and off. The fingers and toes are all separate, it just doesn’t look that way on the photos. –  looks pleased with herself then downs a bottle of vodka ready for the long winter nights