Esme’s Creations.

As I have been asked, Esme’s creations may be purchased in her two shops here –

The Clockwork Jewel on Folksy


The Clockwork Jewel on Esty

(Prices for international postage can vary, but are often quite high – around ten pounds – 15 dollars!)

I take on commissions happily, and have done for many moons, so if anyone wants to see how that works they can email me here –

smiles – I don’t bite. (Unless I’m asked to, or it’s a full moon, then there’ll be nothing left but your teeth and nasal hair.)

(Esme’s spy name is ‘The Clockwork Jewel.’) nods

The Sonata Box

Inside view Sold.

Top view. Sold. – Sold

Clockwork Metamorphosis

Once upon a– Sold.

The Clockwork Steampunk Box

clockwork box

clockwork box 2 – Sold

The Jewel of India

The Jewel of India – £34.99

In Chains

In Chains. – Mine

Chronological Sonata


image – Sold

Clockwork Symphony

Clockwork Symphony Box – £28.99

My Little Universe

My Little Universe – Sold

Nikola Tesla – Electric

Nikola Tesla - Electric – £18.99

Silver Exodus

Silver Exodus – Sold

Soul Flight

soul flight – £14.99

The Future Landscape

The Future Landscape 1

The Future Landscape 3

The Future Landscape 2

The Future Landscape 4

The Future Landscape 5 – £42.99

Vrykolakas – Call of the Wild Wolf

Vrykolakas - Call of the Wild Wolf – £22.99


Metamorphosis – £19.99

Relic – Sprung Ammonite Bracelet

Relic - Sprung Ammonite Bracelet – £22.99

Divine Elegance

Divine Elegance – £18.99


1984 – £18.99

23 thoughts on “Esme’s Creations.”

  1. These are breathtakingly beautiful!

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  2. Peter Schreiner said:

    A writer extraordinaire, a poet incomparable, a fabricator of art exceptional, by the gods of all things woman have you no limit to your artistic talents.

    Sonmi, these are all so very, very lovely.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Peter, you have me blushing, which is quite a trick, beams. Thank you, I’m genuinely thrilled you like them so much, and even happier regarding your descriptions of my writing capabilities, because I’m on somewhat shakier ground there. I’m very touched.

      Thank you.

      • sonmi, very chuffed, and also pointing out that she’s an amazing cook by the by upon the Cloud wink.

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  3. Jessie Martinovic said:


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  4. These are your work? I did not know. Exquisitely exquisite. How do I purchase?

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    • Thank you Donzo, exquisitely exquisite makes for a big smile at this end – shows him a toothy grin . I’ve added the info re buying to the page now. Which would have been useful in the first place, but I didn’t want it to appear that I was hawking my goods at my followers, I wanted them to see what these ye olde fingers get up to of a day/evening. – smiles

      • s.u.t.Cloud


  5. These are incredible! I love your work.

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  6. Awesome.
    I shall be shopping soon…

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  7. These are amazing! Wow! Imagination and skill combined! Wow!!

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  8. Wow somni ! Gloriously gorgeous ! I’m going over to your etsy site right now ….thank you ….hugs , megxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh! You found them looks pleased. I’m glad you like them meg! beams and hugs back. There are very few in the etsy shop, the Folksy link is the main one. I have another tutorial coming out in a magazine soon too. makes a note to get back into the workshop and stop procrastinating. X


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  9. Hello Sonmi,

    I have just discovered this page, even though it was staring at me the whole time. What wonders awaited my discovery! I’ll not blather on incessantly here, and just say this work touches my heart, Sonmi.

    (And Tesla!)

    (And wings and clockwork hearts!)

    Blathering Incessantly,

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Blathering Incessantly” – I like a good blather as much as the next man/woman/earthworm, so blather away. Hahahaha. Thank you for the kind words about my jewels and boxes, I have them half hidden up there because I’m focusing on my writing here, however, It’s nice to share my designs with people, and I’ve even had a sale through wordpress, so perhaps I should have a blog just for the jewellery…time is enemy there.

      “this work touches my heart, Sonmi.” – and mine in return for you telling me so. Thank you Michael. beams a smile his way.

      • sonmi – chuffed upon the Cloud

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  10. I am in awe and slight speechlessness. 😉

    These are works of wonders Esme. Ah, the clash and marriage of eras, exquisite refinement into boundless creations that are Esme unleashed!

    And now I shall return to my awe and slight speechlessness, with tongue dislodged in stupified hypnotic gaze. 😜

    (feel free to snap your fingers anytime!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m honoured you think so. – bows and curtsies too which is quite a feat.

      “Esme unleashed!” – Hahahahahaha. Now that is a sight, but one I’m pleased to see you enjoy. I do love to create, and you compliments are highly appreciated sir. – nods seriously

      “(feel free to snap your fingers anytime!)”gives him a light slap across the chops with an eclair instead, and watches him scoff the lot afterwards.

      • esme laughing upon the Cloud

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