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Sonmicloud – I shall chronicle the fragments of that which is, was, and shall be perhaps, here, in this space, for they come to me at will, some never to return, others that repeat, looping like some eternal visual stutter, scratching at my corneas behind closed lids. The cloud counsels me, and asservates it shall be most useful for me to do so in time. I take the ass, remove the serve and add sent, agreeing. To whom, or why it shall be fortuitous an exercise I know not. Most of that which flickers is a mystery to me, I am unfamiliar with the accents and landscapes. The behaviour of the beings that unravels before me often defies reason, scenes and stories lie unresolved, and I am limited in my understanding of this vast data base of strange entities and frightening emotions. It is of no matter. The cloud will absorb. It may all communicate as nonsense to you, the reader, yet perhaps others will recognise themselves fleetingly.
Perception is all.