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This is curious;

‘In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe wrote his only complete novel ‘The Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket’. One of the characters, a mutineer named Richard Parker, became prey to monstrous cannibalism.

After all the mutineers are thrown overboard, Parker is the only one spared to help with the operation of the ship. The ship then capsizes and leaves the remaining crew members without adequate food. Parker suggests he and his three surviving crewmates draw straws to sacrifice one among them, in order to save the rest. Following this suggestion, he draws the short straw and is eaten alive by his mates.

In 1884, the 52-foot yacht Mignonette set off from Southampton, England for Australia and sank. Four survivors including a 17-year-old cabin boy named Richard Parker escaped in a lifeboat. When their resources and food ran out, they were forced to drink their own urine and finally three of the men killed Parker and devoured him, much like his fictional counterpart.

In 2001, author Yann Martel paid homage to both real and fictional Richard Parkers in the novel Life Of Pi. In Pi, Martel named a Bengal tiger – and survivor of a shipwreck – Richard Parker.’

I stumbled across the above in one of my many travels through the matrix of the web, yet have not the link to point to the original author, so apologies to whomsoever that might be for not giving them any recognition.

Quite a coincidence. Or perhaps the spork-headed aliens who watch the human race as a reality show for fun, (a show they ring up and vote to change the path of one and all, much as certain humans enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto – often finding humour in cruel destruction. Or knocking over old ladies whilst in the guise of highly muscled dullards,) had a serrated edged hand in it.

‘Prophesy’ is a beautiful word, packed with all the ‘oohs and ahhs’ of possibility. It is dark and ominous; power leaks from its gills, threats and promises tucked into shallow pockets. It slithers across the tongue offering curses, and the promise of your greatest wishes materializing one day.