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Since the Cloud and I first floated over this wordy way, perusing as we go, we have noticed something interesting. Interesting and somewhat sad too. Once a post has slipped off the top slot, down into the annals of its destined category, it is in most cases over and done with. New readers rarely take the time, or even have the inclination to tramp back, through said time, reading that which has come before, looking for hidden gems; the history of the blog, its development in many ways, and I find that a shame, because it means that say, a poem of great merit is frozen in text, a fine painting covered in digital cloths, an excellent piece of prose passed over.

There is no finger-pointing going on. The here and now is important, and sometimes, who you were three years ago doesn’t interest people which is quite fair enough. They just want to see what you have today. Therefore I am a great supporter of re-posting previous articles. How many times have you watched a favourite film, or read a favourite book? Do you only read new books or see new movies? I’m guessing not.

By repeating a post from some time ago you are giving a gift to the newer followers, something they would have missed and may well enjoy. I fully intend, at some point, re-posting particular poems and items that struck a chord with me, or apparently others at the time, not purely for the newer viewers, but also so I can look again with fresh eyes upon it, maybe add or subtract parts, maybe just leave it as it is.

There are those who consider repeating posts as a lazy act, luckily I care not for their sort, nor do I need their approval upon anything at all ever.

I am suggesting this as an idea for some of you to consider (though I know there are those who are already with me here); have a look back into your history and re-post something that made you feel immensely. Immensely good, or terribly sad depending upon your whim. Anything at all really, just make it something you would want everyone who reads you to see. And don’t mention it is a re-post, for no explanation is necessary.

Just a suggestion from myself and the Cloud to consider at some point in time, not a command nor a demand.