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A flood of images now. I came across this event whilst re-visiting images of the famous painting ‘The Death of Marat‘ (French: La Mort de Marat or Marat Assassiné) by Jacques-Louis David of the murdered French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat, after the President and Founder mentioned Marat in one of his posts. So thanks offered there, and ideally I would link that post to this one, but instead I advise you go looking for yourself as The Institute’s blog is a fine adventure in itself.

An open air opera occurs regularly upon Lake Constance in Austria at The Bregenz Festival. In 1946 the first Bregenz Festival took place on two gravel boats a year after the end of World War II. At that time, Bregenz had still no theater. However, the temporary solution to choose Lake Constance as a stage proved to be a great success. Already at that time the Vienna Symphony was included as Festival Orchestra. Four years later, the Bregenz Festival received their first home – a stage Island, standing on wooden pylons. In 1960 ballet appeared at more venues such as the Martin’s square in the old town of Bregenz and on the program at the Lakeside Theatre. In 1980, the Festival Hall with the Lake stage was connected and had at that time more than 4,500 seats. At least 1,700 spectators could follow the performance from inside if the weather went bad. Mozart’s “magic flute” started off the years 1985 / 86:The production on the Lake played for two summers. In 2001,”Art from the period” in cooperation with the Hamburg Thalia Theater brought contemporary theatre to the workshop stage. The program “crossculture” is aimed at children and young people. On the 60th anniversary of the Festival, the newly renovated Festival Hall was be opened in 2006. Images of the impressive “Tosca”-Auges went around the world in 2008. The 2011 opera ‘Andre Chenier’, using the imagery of Marat’s dying head is particularly impressive, so I have included a video that shows it off rather well.

andre chenier bregenzer festspiele ©anja koehler | andereart.de

outdoor-stage-opera-on-the-lake-bregenz-austria-andre-chenier-3 marat

outdoor-stage-opera-on-the-lake-bregenz-austria-andre-chenier-2012 marat

outdoor-stage-opera-on-the-lake-bregenz-austria-andre-chenier-2014 marat

Tosca | 2007-2008

Tosca 2007 2008 large

tosca large1

Aida – 2008

aida_03_karl_forster on the lake

The Troubador – 2005

The Troubador 2005 206 large 2

troubadour on the lake large

A Masked Ball – 1999

a masked ball

Carmen –  1991

carmen-1991-1992 on the lake

Die Zauberflote – 2013

'Die Zauberfloete on the lake large

Die Zauberflote by Mozart

The very first opera in 1946