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I have been contacted to put forth a question to David Mitchell in his upcoming interview for Good Reads. My keenness for his tomes is what precipitated this event, and I am sure I am in the company of thousands. There is no definite yay that the question will get through mind you, we shall have to wait and see.

I often find this particular technological age interesting. It is the first century to give us such close contact with those who previously would be out of reach. I refer more to social media here than the interview as it is not a live one, yet live interviews do occur. Writers answer questions from the public on their Twitter feed or blogs daily, or through pod-casts. The walls have come crumbling down in many respects, and along with them some element of awe and mystery. For, and with some.

I await Mr Mitchell’s new book, ‘The Bone Clocks’ which is due out in September, with a hefty splodge of raised anticipation. He has never written a poor tome so far as I am concerned, and of course the Cloud and I have our own reasons for admiring his craft.

He has a fine sense of humour and seems like a kind man.
And that adds a great deal to the matter.

For those who know not his work, I highly recommend you dip a toe in. His writing is refreshing and comfortable at the same time. The first time I began to read Cloud Atlas I could barely put the book down, and when I did,….I just wanted to return to it again. He manages to encapsulate almost all my favourite genres in one go there. How I loved it. And still do. Best of all? I had never heard of him, nor knew anything of the book before I tucked into it. Even the cover had naught to give away. From then on I delved into his other works and have found them to be a roller-coaster of utter delight.