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The work of artist Paul Fryer. Here is a link to his website – Paul Fryer

I particularly like ‘Morning Star’ and ‘Lilith’ they are arresting. However I am keen on all the pieces featured in this post, and more above and beyond, but a line had to be drawn somewhere as my audience do have to go and sleep sometimes.

Here is a video on the man and his work –  Ascent into the Maelstrom’ Paul Fryer Documentary

Laplace Sorrow 2008

for laplace (sorrow) 2008



paulfryer_for-laplace_fear_detail_tangus 2008

paulfryer_for-laplace_anger_tangu2s 2008

Telstar (Victory and Earth 2008)

Telstar victory2 2008

Telstar-Earth 2008

The Dreamer (2012)

The Dreamer (Weightless, Silent) 2012

Venus and Mars (2009)

Venus Mars Det 1

Venus Mars Detail 2

Venus Mars 3

Ideal Home (2008)

Ideal-Home1 paul F

Ideal Home Deatil 4

Ideal Home 2

Ideal Home Detail 2

Ideal Home 3

Lilith (2010)

Lilith 4W 2010

Lilith AboveW 2010

Lilith Detail 8W 2010

Morning Star (2008)

morning star 4


Morning Star Installation 2

morning star1