The Cloud Concise Dictionary of Sparkling and Strange Words presents;



/fanˈdaŋɡ(ə)l – fan-dan-gull


  1. Archaic – a useless or purely ornamental thing.
  2. To obtain by unscrupulous means. – example sentence-
    One way of another I intend to fandangle a few extra pickled onions from her pantry than are my due sir.
    3.) Ridiculous/overly elaborate in decoration yet useless.


Mid 19th century: perhaps from fandango, influenced possibly by newfangle. From the Latin – ludificatio


1) Fancy or special.
2) A fandangle is an elaborate but useless ornament. So if something is fandangled, it has been decorated to the point of excess. example sentence –
“Those frilly trousers with bells attached are a bit fandangled aren’t they Archibald?”


Frills frippery, tawdriness, flashiness, doodad, foppery, gew-gaw, knick-knacks, furbelow, dingbat.

Not To Be Confused With

1.) ‘Fandango’ – (Scaramouche, Scaramouche can you do the?)
2.) ‘Fandangling’ – Behaving in a manner which is considered frivolous, selfish and underhand.
3.) ‘Fandangler’ – an element of male genitalia which is of larger proportions than the average bear.
4.) ‘Fan Dangler’ – See Dita Von Teese: Ventagli di piume  –  (caution! Viewing may cause a fandangler to get flustered and generally have a good time.)