The 500th like for the Cloud and I was gained yesterday thanks to ‘Weggieboy’ and I have decided that whoever provides each round ‘eth’ shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.
Not the kingdom of heaven, they’ll have one of their posts re-blogged here on the Cloud. I always get the two mixed up. The choice of post is entirely mine own and no amount of bribes will change that (unless said bribes are in cash, in which case, please, go wild.) My last ‘eth – like’ was The President and Founder I believe.

Today it is Weggieboy’s turn, a good man with two very unusual looking, fine cats. In this chosen post he makes a very good point, and I am also posting a link to his ‘about’ here – Who I am – Weggieboy – which is an interesting read.


I hate to be the one to tell you, but you will die, if not today, sometime in future. The only thing I can’t tell you is “how”.  You may wonder why I bother to tell you the obvious, so I note that there is mild hysteria concerning Ebola, and I want you to know chances are slim to zilch you will die from this rare African disease.

On the other hand, there are genuine threats to your mortality, as shown in this National Safety Council graph. (The Heart disease and cancer box is not proportional to the rest because of space limitations. The others are proportional to risk.)

From National Safety Council, odds for dying by any cause, USA.From National Safety Council, odds for dying by any cause, USA.

See Ebola on the chart? No? Of course not! Can you get Ebola? Sure, if you are exposed to someone in the infectious stages of the disease (after the fever…

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