A ‘Fun Activity’ was suggested to me here and having a small window of free time for fun, I slipped into the Cloud’s vaults and engaged in a smattering of ‘Fun Activity’.

And I’m very glad I did. This may well be first in a new category (as I have so very few clearly), part of the fun being to view the world from a different tangent, part of it being a match for the objects involved to certain books, people or poetry, and part of it for the viewer to find out what in the universe the Cloud and I are on about.

In this instance a link was immediate. Said links will not always be as elementary as this.

Thank you P&F.

Fevre Dream

“Some mate,” Karl Framm said with contempt. “Hell, that little stern-wheeler we’re chasin’ don’t draw nothin’. After a good rain, she could steam halfway across the city of N’Orleans without ever noticin’ that she’d left the river.”