The following sculptures have been created by a chap called Tom Hare. He works primarily with willow and has produced some fine works. My favourite without question is the tree house. If you click his name above you can visit his website.

willow 9





willow-1 willow8Mushroom sculptures by Tom Harewillow hare

The above hare is my second favourite, just in case you would not sleep tonight for wondering.

Tom Hare


My hare is resting on my head.
I also have bear feet.
A swallow’s in my throat
and there are calves below my seat.

A seal is on my lips today.
A slug is on my fist.
A mussel’s on my shoulder
and a tick is on my wrist.

A wasp is on my yellow jacket
where it likes to bee.
A fly is on my zipper,
though I wish that it would flea.

My doe is in my wallet
and my sole is on my shoe.
I hope my tail was not a boar.
What’s gnu, my deer, with ewe?

by Kenn Nesbitt