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This is the work of Richard Stainthorp. Of the pieces below, the two that appeal the most to me are the falling woman, and the crouching angel, the latter of which I find to be particularly reminiscent of Paul Fryer’s piece ‘Morning Star’ – (one of the most favourite pieces to ever be perused by these wide eyes of mine) – that I featured in a previous ‘beady eye‘ post ‘Ascent into the Maelstrom’ (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the figure in question).


Richard-Stainthorp-11-640x905 Richard-Stainthorp-8-640x905 Richard-Stainthorp-7-640x853 Richard-Stainthorp-6-640x774 Richard-Stainthorp-4-640x427 Richard-Stainthorp-3-640x960