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This is a copy of ‘David Copperfield’ by Charles Dickens. It’s age I am not sure of as there’s few indicators beyond a hand written piece that says – ‘Eunice. L. Jones (I may be wrong there), Aug 1941, …I cannot work out the other two words. However, the paper used,m the etchings within and general feel of the book puts it firmly within the 1800’s to my mind. I do not think it a first edition mind you, as the preface speaks of a ‘original Preface to this book’.

I cannot find another like it upon the web, so if anyone else out there can shed some light on it, please do let me know. It has a signature by Charles Dickens, but I suspect it is a printed signature, yet can find no others that have the same. It is certainly printed upon the front cover, in gold, and there is a ‘stamp’ celebrating his works which may have been stuck in place after the book had been printed, as it has the dates 1812 – 1912 printed upon it. Perhaps it is a 1912 edition, but it most definitely feels older to the touch, (the paper is lovely and thick), and I have handled many, many old tomes in my time within the Cloud’s library.

I have photographed all the etchings within the book for your perusal as well as the cover and handwriting, and here is a link to a post I came across whilst looking into the book online which goes into some great detail re its contents – Re-reading Dickens: David Copperfield and it is from the blog – That’s How The Light Gets In which looks like an interesting read generally.

Dickens dc front cover Dickens dc spine

Dickens dc signatureDickens dc tribute stampDickens dc plate 1preface DickensDickens dc plate 3Dickens dc plate 7Dickens dc plate 6Dickens dc plate 9Dickens dc 8Dickens dc plate 4Dickens dc illustration