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“If you are a creator, it is child’s play to paint pages of joy, to scribe visions of pure pleasure and happiness, so long as you keep your bliss in your pockets, close to hand and heart. But there is much more to be gained with courage; delve further, step out of the light. Do not shy from that which you harbour within, the abhorrent and hateful, the harrowing and painful which you have locked far, far away, behind blackened, rust-caked doors. It holds a deep well that brims with that which is, and has been. Every anguished iota stored and poured in meticulous detail –  rapids in a river of razor blades. Use it. Have it earn a living. Ladle it liberally upon your work when called for. Be careful though – neither live it, nor let it define you – recycle the bastard.”

  • The Cloud