‘Random acts of kindness’. I think it is an interesting idea that being kind would be a random act, rather than being the norm, behaviour-wise. For a human that is. Most humans. This is not to take away from the idea, and I recommend people try it all the time.

The simplest form of a random act of kindness, is the greeting of strangers in the street. Many billions of years ago, whilst taking the morning air, people would say “Good morning, what a fine a day it is today!”, and smile with lots of teeth showing, possibly followed by a bow or cart-wheel. These days, everyone avoids eye contact (in the cities most specifically), for fear of the ubiquitous – “What the fuck are you looking at?” being lobbed swiftly their way. Sad, but true. I propose we start a movement, and reintroduce some civility to Earth.

I have noticed that older people seem to appreciate the words the most and can take a sad, sometimes almost angry-looking individual, who has lived for many, many decades, from walking down a bleak street, packed with potential dangers, to a completely different place, as their face lights up, and positively blooms with a wide smile, returning the greeting, often sounding surprised, always, clearly pleased; I get the feeling they feel lighter of foot – there is hope for the human race, maybe everything isn’t just a giant turd covered in cheap gold paint, maybe I won’t be mugged, but hugged!


Of course a greeting is merely the tip of the eleemosynary iceberg. There are many, many ways to be kind. You should be aware however, that this is not an altruistic act. (Sonmi wrote ‘altruistic cat’ then by mistake and has had to take a moment to laugh like the proverbial drain). The pleasure gained from giving, be it time/effort/pear drops, is hugely underestimated, if realised at all, by some bipeds.

One day, if you are kind enough, for long enough, you will rise to join me on the Cloud, where I reign as The Most Supreme, Vainglorious, Imperious, Yet Modest, Queen of the Universe.

And you’ll always find a smile awaits you.

Unless you are a prize rampallion, who has been as a Medusa in servant wench’s clothing, (or male equivalent, time’s ticking on here and I have hail to make), – for then, I do desire that we are better strangers.**




**nicked from Shakespeare