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I have noticed the following appearing in the comment feed below some of the blogs I follow;

‘Don´t forget we also have a blog, if you dont vote us we wouldnt follow you..’

They seem to be saying – ‘you must come read, and like us/our blog, or we won’t carry on following you’ – or something along those lines, which is rude at best, and to my mind a strategy almost guaranteed to lose some readers, and guilt trip those left into ‘liking’ their posts. If you don’t even follow them in the first place…they are spamming, and fishing with a long fake line, presumably aiming try and hook folks into visiting their blog, possibly for numbers, possibly in order to get one to read the content, be interested, and then follow them. I do not like such behaviour – to my mind it is spamming, and anyone who only follows your words purely because you follow theirs, gives not one shiny poo for the time and effort put into your penning.

They always add their blog address at the end of the comment – I have left it off, they can drum up their ‘interest’ elsewhere, ideally hand in hand, with a course on the fundamentals of English grammar.



(Just to clarify, this is not a blog I follow, for I am not as mad as a bag of psychotic frogs. As I said, I saw the comment in the feed below other people’s posts, people who I do follow.)