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The Cloud received a curious package in the post yesterday. It was sent from a land underneath the Earth. The Cloud rarely receives mail, so the sight of The Mighty Pigeon of Post dropping the package from on high was a welcome one.

The front of the package looked like this – (The Cloud’s specific co-ordinates have been hidden to protect those who have sought sanctuary in the attic from the evil Jack Frost).

JM Package

JM Mrs Cloud

‘Mrs Cloud’. The Cloud enjoyed this title, because it is all genders, and can choose at will,  therefore likes to swap titles, gender specifics and hats quite often. (Only a month ago it became quite insufferable when refusing to answer to any communication at all, unless addressed as ‘The Incredible High Lord of Fringes and Thimbles’)

The contents of the package were as follows –

JM contents

JM Spoon

Spoon in Paint’ – something the Cloud and sonmi did not posses, and now would not part with for all the tea in the corner shop. The orange is of course very significant – “orange is commonly associated with amusement, the unconventional, extroverts, fire, activity, danger, taste and aroma”. It shall not sit with the other spoons however because it has power over appetite, and sonmi has previously thwarted several other such attempts to make her into a humongous lard-arse of a munter. It shall instead sit, pride of place, in the crow’s nest.

JM government documents

Important government documents of a highly sensitive nature.

JM puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle of the Cloud itself no less! nods very seriously. Said puzzle is a drawing of the Cloud upon a sheet of lasagne which was then smashed into dust particles (near enough), and placed carefully in a sealed plastic bag with a very attractive bow upon it. (sonmi is now wearing said bow in her hair).

There was no question of doing anything but taking on the challenge and so after many hours of strong contemplation, furrowed brow, and head scratching, finally….Success! (Of a sort.)

JM Finished cloud puzzle

It takes some skill to complete such a fiendishly complex puzzle, but as you can see, sonmi is an expert. And what a fine portrait it is!

Finally a long, jam-packed with somersaults letter was placed within also. Here is just a small hint of the contents –

JM Letter

This letter contained many beautiful things that are for sonmi and the Cloud’s eyes only, (complicated but the Cloud can ‘see’), and she is very grateful for its innards, and feels the Gods may have had a hand in the timing.

Thank you Jessie, at some point, when you least expect it, something Cloudy shall appear across time and space (weeks and kilometers),  in front of your very eyes, ears and toes.