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AND LO, it came to pass, that sonmi, who has lived a million lives and seen through an eternity of others’ eyes, has also had a myriad of monikers. She has been all genders, all species, and all that is air, fire, water and tinsel decorations.

sonmi morphs from the tiny sprite-like shape with small wings and flappy ears (kept that one quiet eh?) that she was, into a tall, willowy thing with wild, curly hair, lots of very sharp teeth and too many fingers, and her name changes to Esme. (Esmeralda for long, Em for short, but not too curly.)


She picks up her old skin, and carefully wraps it in tissue paper, then places it within a large wooden chest with the other 631,77401644,0193,411 skins that lie below it. The chest is loitering in a secret vault within the dungeon of the Cloud, along with many other wooden chests that all appear to be identical, right down to every  rusting, ancient nail. So many of them in fact, that to the eye they seem to stretch out to infinity on all three, visible sides.

The upshot is that sonmi changes at will, but always with good reason, and also this saves her from being taken to the cleaners by a certain David Mitchell, who rather annoyingly, got there first, or something like that

  • Esme upon the Cloud.


Troposphere Help-line number – 8008135


Tags “Bee to the blossom- moth to the flame; Each to his passion…” – H.H.Jackson,, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” – W.S“Without change something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” – Frank HerbertA work in progressA work in progressAll complaints to the management, “It ain’t what they call you- it’s what you answer to.” – W.C. Fields, DON’T PANICEm for short, μεταμόρφωσις μορφή, like it or lump itMeandering moniker, Otherwise known asSay my name As every color illuminates We are shining And we will never be afraid again,somewhere in the cloudy skies of Paris We were part of some artists design, you’ve got the teeth of the Hydra upon you